Our Services

Corporate & Sectarian Compliance

The development of modern and efficient corporate sector and capital market is based on sound regulatory principles, which provide impetus for high economic growth and foster social harmony in the Country. Accordingly, corporate fillings are very important for any company to foster social harmony with economic circle. So keeping this vision we can provide following services to our honorable at our best; i). Search Reports ii). Certified Copies from SECP iii). Charge Registration iv). Preparation of all documentation related to charge and other legal requirements for the companies. v). Incorporation of the Companies, Firm, etc

Loan Exposure Review Reporting

As importance of risk management is increased over the course of the past several years which has caused many institutions to look more closely at risk within their loan portfolios. AMC PAKISTAN has the capability to perform credit quality reviews in loan exposures in a cost-effective manner with more efficiency which no one else can provide. We make comments on controls, compliance with implemented policies and procedures of the institution and all the industry best practices with recommendations. Our product is not a standard product it has a specialty to be tailored as per the bank’s requirements. We are focusing on the development of banking procedures in Pakistan with such innovative products and ideas.

Feasibility Reports

Feasibility reports are designed to support Banker’s decision for project financing in different areas. This report includes the following: Total estimated cost of the project. Total estimated financing required for the project in terms of its capital structure and debt equity ratio. Projected cash flow and profitability. This report is used by the banks for customer’s financial and commercial situation and its market worth.

Industry Analysis Reports

The patents office was an attached department of Ministry of Industries & Production established in 1948 under the provision of section 55 of the Patents & Designs Act. 1911(the Act is amended as Patents Ordinance 2002 & Designs Ordinance, 2000). The law of registration of Layout Designs of Integrated Circuits has also been promulgated as “Registered Layout-Designs of Integrated Circuits Ordinance, 2000”. The Patents Office currently is a part of IPO Pakistan (Intellectual Property Organisation) under Cabinet Division

Due Diligence Reports

This extensive report is specifically designed for our prestigious financial institution clients, which includes the areas i.e. financial, legal, labour, tax, IT, environment and market/commercial situation of bank clients.

Actual Market Position Reporting

These Reports contain results of interviews with market sources and their opinions on a company’s payment habits, business dealings, etc. While conducting this report business analyst / investigator does not contact the subject company. Contact is only made with customers, suppliers, neighbors, etc.

Income Estimation & Loan Evaluation

Mostly small businesses & SME’s do not maintain proper books of accounts and State Bank of Pakistan (SBP) in the prudential regulations have recognized this fact. So keeping this in view, AMC PAKISTAN has designed its Income Estimation Report & SME Business Evaluation Report based on prudential regulations of State Bank of Pakistan.

Project Based Analysis Reports

AMC PAKISTAN can also provide project based reporting to different financial institutions / banks to minimize the risk and enhance the knowledge of the interested party about the relevant project.