Overseas Companies /Chinese Companies

Major Services Offered to Overseas Companies /Chinese Companies investing or planning to invest in Pakistan especially under CPEC / OBOR are as under;

  • To advise Chinese companies in business development- i.e. acquiring particular projects within Pakistan, creating Joint Ventures with renowned Pakistani Companies.
  • To assist Chinese businesses and state owned companies during establishment of place of business in Pakistan.
  • To provide Human Resource and Pay Roll Services (HR and Pay Roll Services) to Chinese companies in Pakistan under CPEC.
  • To assist Chinese businesses and companies in securing their intellectual property rights (IPR) including Trademarks, Copyrights, patents in Pakistan.
  • To provide Legal support including Licensing regimes, Regulatory guidance, legal advice, and court matters to Chinese companies in Pakistan
  • To advise Chinese companies regarding government policies and any expected or new changes in rules and regulations.
  • To manage government relations for Chinese companies wishing to or operating in Pakistan.
  • To provide briefings and conduct studies on the domestic and foreign policy situation of Pakistan including politics, economy, energy, law and security, so that the Chinese companies can better understand the complex and often fast changing situation within Pakistan.

Company Registration in Pakistan process (Company Incorporation / Company Formation in Pakistan) for Overseas / Chinese Companies:

  • To guide in setting up office (Branch Office or Liaison Office) of Chinese companies in Pakistan.
  • To proceed for registering a place of business for Chinese companies in Pakistan
  • To guide for Registration of Local Company in Pakistan with Chinese company or persons as shareholders

Buying or getting on lease land for factory, plant, office, hotel, accommodation. Hiring work force in Pakistan: Availability, Cost, Legal requirements, tax matters and cultural issues related to hiring and managing Pakistani office workers, engineers and laborers. Business Advisory for Overseas / Chinese Companies:

  • Provide consultancy for the best feasible business options, selecting best business location, culture, traditions, accommodation, food, security, transport, warehouse, storage, according to the expertise and resources available to each client; considering the required legal framework and the market conditions.
  • Convert dream into a reality by translating the specific business needs of our valued clients into a comprehensive business plan or feasibility report.
  • Corporate Restructuring, Advisory on Mergers, Acquisitions.
  • Conduct research and surveys on behalf of upcoming and growing NGOs/NPOs.
  • Conduct industry surveys and research analysis for customized business needs of our clients.
  • Content writing (SOPs, policies, manuals, internal Procedures) for organizations, their websites and any other purpose.

Investment Advisory for Overseas /Chinese Companies :

Provide consultancy for various investment options available in capital market, money market, fixed income securities, government securities and/or in mutual funds according to the Chinese clients’ specific cash-flow requirements and risk appetite.

Financial Audit and Control Services for Overseas / Chinese Companies :

We offer following audit and control services to Chinese companies working in Pakistan.
  • Internal and External Audit
  • Audit and preparation of financial statements for bank borrowing purposes.
  • Income/ Sales Tax matters including e-filing.
  • Development of internal control system for effective management.

Tax Management Services for Overseas / Chinese Companies:

SBC offer following tax management services to Chinese companies working in Pakistan.

Income Tax:

  • Applying for and obtaining National Tax Number (NTN) Certificate.
  • Preparation and filing of Annual Income Tax Returns, Wealth Tax Statements and Annexures.
  • Preparation and filing of periodic Withholding Tax Statements (WHT).
  • Appeal filing and Adjudication at various forums under Income Tax Ordinance, 2001.

Sales Tax:

  • Applying for and obtaining General Sales Tax (GST) registration.
  • Advices and pursuing in claim for adjustment of input and output taxes, following up GST exemption(s) and GST audit.
  • Representation on behalf of the clients before GST assessment authorities and appellate authorities on contentious GST issues and dispute resolution.
  • Correspondence with the Federal Board of Revenue (FBR) for removing fiscal anomalies and obtaining Ruling on GST related issues.
  • Reviews of existing systems and monitoring to highlight possible areas of exposure to sales tax assessments and associated penalties.
  • Appeal filing and Adjudication at various forums under Sales Tax Act 1990.

Intellectual Property (IP) Services for Overseas / Chinese Companies :

Our major services for Chinese Companies and Businesses under IP laws of Pakistan are as under:
  • Trademarks Registration
  • Brand Name Registration
  • Patents Registration
  • Industrial Designs
  • Registration
  • Copyrights
  • Unfair Competition
  • Anti-Counterfeiting
  • Licensing
  • Franchising
  • Trade Secrets
  • Data Protection
  • Domain Names
  • Market Survey & Research
  • Serving the Legal Notices and taking appropriate legal actions against third party on behalf of clients in case of Infringement of Trade Mark, Patent, Copyrights

Human Resource and Payroll Services for Overseas / Chinese Companies:

HR and Payroll Wing of SBC mainly provide services in following these broader categories:

HR Consultancy:

  • HR Shared Service Center
  • Handling Employment Issues
  • Managing Misconduct or Poor Performance
  • Remunerations or Entitlements
  • What’s happening in the Employment Market
  • Employment / Independent Contractor Agreements
  • Disciplinary and Dismissal Procedures
  • Restructuring / Redundancy Processes
  • HR Policies and Practices
  • Labour laws/legal advice through legal experts
  • High Performance Work Practices

Payroll Services

All type of payroll and monthly tax deduction and withholding tax statements filing services for Chinese companies.

Training for Professional Development:

Customized training for professional developments of Human Resources for any Individual, Firm, Company and NGOs. These customized trainings may be provided in the following areas:
  • Management
  • Communication Skills
  • Sales
  • Customer Service
  • Team Building
  • Training for Professional Development

Information Technology (IT) Solutions for Chinese Companies:

  • Internet Marketing
  • Domain name registration.
  • Website Hosting Services.
  • Website development and designing.
  • Website updating and webmaster services.
  • Tailor-made IT solutions, Software, SEOs and other related activities.